MEZARKABUL - Anatolia (1997)

MEZARKABUL - Anatolia (1997)

Country: TURKEY Genre: Power/Thrash
Anatolia is an album released in 1997 by the Turkish heavy metal band Mezarkabul.Most of the lyrics of the songs in the album are in English and all of the songs are composed by Mezarkabul except the "Gündüz Gece" cover, which is originally composed by Aşık Veysel Şatıroğlu.
01- Anatolia (English Versiyon)
02- 1000 In The Eastland
03- Dark Is The Sunlight
04- Gündüz Gece
05- Stand To Fall
06- Give Me Something To Kill The Pain
07- Welcome The End
08- Anatolia (Turkish Versiyon)
09- On The Run
10- Time
11- Behind The Veil
12- Fall of A Hero
13- Sonsuz

MEZARKABUL - Unspoken (2001)

Country: TURKEY
Genre: Power/Thrash
Murat İlkan - Vocals (1995 - present) Hakan Utangaç - Guitar (1986 - present) Metin Türkcan - Guitar (2000 - present) Tarkan Gözübüyük - Bass (1987 - present) Cenk Ünnü - Drums (1986 - present)
Pentagram (Mezarkabul outside Turkey) is a Turkish heavy metal/power metal band composed of Murat İlkan (vocals), Hakan Utangaç, Metin Türkcan, Tarkan Gözübüyük, and Cenk Ünnü. It's noted to include some Oriental arrengements into their Power Metal sound, being they generally played by the guitars or sang by voice.
Pentagram was formed in İstanbul in 1986 by guitarist Hakan Utangaç and drummer Cenk Ünnü. By 1987, bassist Tarkan Gözübüyük had joined and they started doing live shows. Their first release came in 1990, with their self-titled Pentagram album. By 1992, a second guitarist Demir Demirkan and vocalist Ogün Sanlısoy were added to the line-up. They released their sophomore album Trail Blazer in the same year and enjoyed a now rapidly-growing fanbase - both in Turkey and worldwide. In 1993, while he was serving the Turkish Army, the first guitarist of the band, Ümit Yılbar, was killed in a battle against terrorists on Mountain Cıraf. For the next three years, the band toured in their homeland and over the world. In 1995, vocalist Murat İlkan replaced Ogün, and they started working on their next album, Anatolia. Anatolia was released in Turkey in 1997, and several weeks after the release, Century Media approached Pentagram for a worldwide release. Anatolia was a very strong album; the band's powerful emotions concerning war, modern-life ignorism and other world issues were fully exposed with Anatolia, from its booklet (showing photographs of children murdered by the PKK terrorist organization) to its lyrics. Pentagram describes the song A Thousand in the Eastland, which is featured in the album, as a requiem for the "thousands of people dying in the East, all ignored in the West, where one death becomes a tragedy". They released a live album in 1998 called Popçular Dışarı (literally Pop musicians out). Guitarist Demir Demirkan departed, and was temporarily replaced with Onur "Mr. Cat" Pamukçu. The band started recording their next album in 2000 in their own studio in Istanbul. Guitarist Metin Türkcan officially joined the band during the recording session. They composed 17 songs, and decided to split it up into two different CDs. In 2001, Unspoken was released worldwide. Bir (One) was released in Turkey only in 2002. For their releases in Turkey, they use the name Pentagram. However, due to an American doom metal band called Pentagram, they go by the name Mezarkabul (literally Acceptance To Grave) for international releases. Pentagram is often considered to be the pioneers of heavy metal in Turkey. Their work has inspired all forms of rock music, and helped it to gain popularity in Turkey. They were known to collaborate with the late vocalist of Vitamin, Gökhan Semiz, and Vitamin itself. Also, Tarkan Gözübüyük has worked with numerous artists and bands, producing, arranging and sometimes performing. For example, Mor ve Ötesi's (litterally Purple and Beyond) groundbreaking album Dünya Yalan Söylüyor (litterally The World is Lying) had Gözübüyük as its producer. [1] Other than contributions to rock music, Pentagram members continued to contribute to popular music as well. Demir Demirkan, as he pursued his solo career, wrote the lyrics and produced the first Turkish song ever to win the Eurovision song contest. Tuna Kiremitçi, award-winning writer who currently works for the Vatan newspaper, wrote an article about the band, praising their contributions.
Offical Website:
01- We Come From Nowhere
02- In Esir Like An Eagle
03- Unspoken
04- Lions In A Cage
05- Mezarkabul
06- Take My Time
07- Pain
08- Puratu
09- For The One Unchanging
10- This Too Will Pass
11- For Those Who Died Alone
Password: Malkavian
"You can listen their song from album [Unspoken] 'Pain' and 'Lions in Cage' with Mp3 Flashbar in right!

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CROSSFIRE -Aggression Treaty (2005)

Aggression Treaty March 18th 2005
Country: TURKEY Genre: Power/Thrash
1- Aggression Treaty
2- Slaves
3- Eternal Lies (NonServiam)
4- Dream Within A Dream
5- Nightwolf
6- Inner Conflict
7- Gate (inst.)
8- The Forsaken
9- ...And DarknessFallin'
10-Under Siege
13-Don't Fool Me
Crossfire was formed by guitarist Kaya Sevinc in 1999 spending 3 years to constrain it's original line up and it's sound which has slowly emerged as one of the greatest hope for Heavy Metal in Turkey. Crossfire honed their sound by combining power and thrash metal with the classical metal approach. Their 2002 Decisions of Hate demo was an underground favorite that lead them to hit the road for a massive gig including 2003 Metal Bash Fest in Hamburg Germany. The band's performance in Germany resulted as joining “The Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild” released by Remedy Records in 2005 with Beggars' Night. The band released their debut album "Aggression Treaty" with a magnificient gala, hailing the 90th anniversary of the 'Canakkale Victory of Turkish Independence War' with many foreign and Turkish fans on the 18th of March 2005, Canakkale. In 2005 after the Besli Brothers had left the band, Crossfire decided to continue their vision for more creative and multi-faceted metal sound with the new line-Up Kaya Sevinc, Ugur Aksoy, Kemal Sozer and Cem Saydam. During the festivals in 2005 sometimes under the headliners Slayer ,Manowar, In Flames, Doro, Overkill, sometimes as the headliner itself the band have pleased the ear of thousands of metal fans and at the same time have solidified their place in the realm of modern metal's elite hierarchy in Turkey.
Password: Malkavian
You Can Listen Song named "Eternal Lies(Non Serviam)" with Mp3 Flashbar in Right !

AMORPHIS - Silent Waters (2007)

AMORPHIS - Silent Waters (2007)

Genre:Atmospheric/Death Doom Metal
Country: Finland

1. Weaving the Incantation
2. A Servant
3. Silent Waters
4. Towards and Against
5. I of Crimson Blood
6. Her Alone
7. Enigma
8. Shaman
9. The White Swan
10. Black River


MORTAL SIN-An Absence of Faith(2007)

Genre:Thrash Metal Country:AUS MAT MAURER - VOCALS ANDY EFTICHIOU - BASS MICK SULTANA - GUITAR NATHAN SHEA - GUITAR LUKE COOK - DRUMS 1. Out Of The Darkness 2. Before The Bough Breaks 3. Tears Of Redemption 4. Deadman Walking 5. Lost Within 6. Say Your Prayers 7. Eye In The Sky 8. Rise Or Fall 9. My Nightmare 10. Broken Promises Bitrate:210kbit (VBR), Joint StereoSize:76 Mb Download: Pass: Malkavian

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You can find Rock / NWOBHM / Thrash / Speed / Power / Hardcore / Punk / Death / BlackMetal Mp3 ! Enjoy ...

MEZARKABUL - Pentagram (1990)

Country: TURKEY Genre: Speed Thrash Hakan Utangaç - Guitar, vocals Murat Net - Lead guitar (left the band after this album) Tarkan Gözübüyük - Bass Cenk Ünnü - Drums Güven Araz - Keyboards (only in the 1st song) Pentagram is the first album of the Turkish heavy metal band Mezarkabul.The album was put on the market in 1990 by the producer Nezih Kılıçkını and Nepa Music Production; and it was released as a compact cassette. The lyrics of the songs are in English. The name of the seventh track of the album, Powerstage, is also the name of the group's fanclub. 01- Rotten Dogs (Intro by Wreck) 02- Mephistopheles 03- Metal Not Dead 04- Astharoth 05- Bloody Guillotine 06- Powerstage 07- Dimensions of Death 08- Pentagram 09- Deceptive Bells 10- Los Magandos Download: Password : Malkavian This is the one of my favoriette albums. You can listen their song named "Dimensions of Death" with Mp3 Player in right.

NILE - Ithyphallic (2007)

NILE - Ithyphallic (2007)

Country: USA
Genre: Death Metal

1. What May Safely Be Written (8:15)
2. As He Creates, So He Destroys (4:36)
3. Ithyphallic (4:40)
4. Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water (2:56)
5. Eat Of The Dead (6:29)
6. Laying Fire Upon Apep (3:25)
7. The Essential Salts (3:51)
8. The Infinity Of Stone (2:04)
9. The Language Of The Shadows (3:31)
10. Even The Gods Must Die (10:01)


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ENTOMBED - Serpent Saints-The Ten Amendments (2007)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Brutal Death/Thrash

Lars Göran Petrov - Vocals Nico Elgstrand - Bass Alex Hellid - Guitars Olle Dahlstedt - Drums

01. Serpent Saints
02. Masters Of Death
03. Thy Kingdom Coma
04. Amok
05. Warfare Plague Famine Death
06. In The Blood
07. The Dead, The Dying, And The Dying To Be Dead
08. Ministry
09. When In Sodom
10. The Ten Commandments


KING DIAMOND-Give Me Your Soul... Please (Retail CD 2007)

Country: Denmark
Genre: Heavy/Power/Thrash

1. The Dead
2. Never Ending Hill
3. Is Anybody Here?
4. Black of Night
5. Mirror, Mirror
6. The Cellar
7. Pictures In Red
8. Give Me Your Soul
9. The Floating Head
10. Cold As Ice
11. Shapes of Black
12. The Girl In the Bloody Dress
13. Moving On


ARTILLERY - By Inheritance (1990) One of the Best Thrash Album of All times

ARTILLERY - By Inheritance (1990) One of the Best Thrash Album of All Times

Country : Denmark
Genre : Thrash
Formed in : 1982
01. 7:00 From Tashkent
02. Khomaniac
03. Benath The Clay (R.I.P)
04. By Inheritance
05. Bombfood
06. Don't Believe
07. Life In Bondage
08. Equal At First
09. Razamanaz
10. Back In The Trash
Release Date : 1990
Download :
Password : Malkavian

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Sons of the Jackal (2007)

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Thrash/Death
1. Sons of the Jackal - 3:52
2. Undead Stillborn - 3:59
3. Avenging Srchangel - 3:28
4. Death is My Master - 5:09
5. Sepulchral Ghoul - 4:19
6. Seven HeadsThey Slumber - 1:59
7. Infernal Wrath - 4:07
8. Atomicide - 3:18
9. Ten Horns Arise - 3:31
10. Diabolist - 3:40
Pass: Malkavian

KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos (2009

KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos (2009

KREATOR - Hordes of Chaos (2009)

Genre : Speed Thrash Country : Germany Tracklist : 1. Hordes of Chaos ( A Necrologue For The Elite) 2. Warcurse 3. Escalation 4. Amok Run 5. Destroy What Destroys You 6. Radical Resistance 7. Absolute Misanthropy 8. To the Afterborn 9. Corpses of Liberty 10. Demon Prince Download 320 Kbps ALBUM RELEASE DATE : 19 January 2009

TESTAMENT - The Formation Of Damnation (2008)

HERE IS THE THRASH GODS !!! 1.The Persecuted Won't Forget 2.Killing Season 3.Afterlife 4.Evil Has Landed, The 5.Formation Of Damnation, The 6.Henchmen Ride 7.More Than Meets The Eye 8.Dangers Of The Faithless 9.False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R) 10.Leave Me Forever 320 Kbps Download Part I Download Part II Pass: Malkavian


I have taken a mail in this mornin from Michael Stützer (ARTILLERY) about project of Band. ARTILLERY will record the new DVD at the Metalmania Festival in Poland at the 8 of March . 
And, I have one new too ! : ARTILLERY will record New Album around August/September !
(I Know ;)

TESTAMENT - First Strike Still Deadly (2001) [Request]

Country: USA
Genre: Thrash Metal
01. First Strike Is Deadly
02. Into The Pit
03. Trial By Fire
04. Disciples Of The Watch
05. Preacher, The
06. Burnt Offerings
07. Over The Wall
08. New Order, The
09. Haunting, The
10. Alone In The Dark
11. Reign Of Terror

Pass: Malkavian

DEAD HEAD - Come To Salem (2000)

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Thrash/Death
Dead Head was formed April 8th 1989 in Kampen, Holland. On that day the four original members Tom van Dijk (bass, vocals), Robbie Woning (guitar), Ronnie van der Wey (guitar), and Hans Spijker (drums), decided to form a band and to become the most intensive and brutal thrash-metal band Europe ever had seen. In the fine tradition of bands like Dark Angel, Kreator and Sadus they distilled their own way to compose songs and to make a solid impact on stage by pounding out their songs as if every minute could be the last. Especially the outrageous drum-style of Spijker, the psychotic double guitar-riffs combined with Tom's penetrating screaming gave the band a well-earned status in the metal-scene of those days. A countless number of performances throughout whole Europe sustained this, and made the band known in the metal scene all over the world.Their slogan remains the same:FUCK COMMERCIALISM,FUCK FASHION, FUCK YOU !
1. The Festering 05:04
2. In Your Room 05:25
3. The Tribulation 01:36
4. Sawn In Two (Hooks Of Hemorrhage) 03:30
5. From Belial 08:16
6. Phoenix Rising 03:56
7. Sunshine 03:08
8. Slay Your Kind 04:25
9. Rites Of Kandar 03:58
10. I Tormentor 04:22
11. Die By The Sword (SLAYER cover) 03:22
12. The Road Not Taken 03:42
13. From Belial (reprise) 01:35
Total playing time 52:19
Pass: Malkavian

MANIPULATED SLAVES - Burst Into Blue Flame (2000)

Country: JAPAN
Genre: Thrash/Death
Yutaka Kageyama : Vocals, Guitars
Kazushi Nomura : Guitars
Shiro Matsuno : Bass
Mitsuhiro Enomoto : Drums
The band plays a mix of thrash, heavy metal and some death metal.(quote from
1. Masters of Illusion 02:26
2. Obey the Moon 04:25
3. Halfway to Heaven 06:03
4. Come Down from the Skies 05:37
5. Damnation's Edge 00:57
6. Greed 04:59
7. Burst into Blue Flame 05:24
8. Silently Falling Asleep 06:27
9. The Lunatic Moon on the Dark Sea 01:57
Total playing time 38:15
Pass: Malkavian

ACID DEATH - Pieces Of Mankind (1998)

Country: GREECE
Genre: Thrash
Acid Death was a Greek Thrash metal/technical Death metal band. They were formed in the early 1990's and originally consisted of Savvas Betinis (bass/vocals), Dennis Costopoulos (guitars), Themis K. (guitars) and Kostas Tsompanos (drums).In 1997, Acid Death, now signed with Metal Mad, recorded and released their first official full-length album entitled Pieces of Mankind. The album showed a good deal of technical skill in performance and song structure but was rather under-appreciated by being practically an underground production. Drawing most of its lyrical influences from Stephen King novels (in particular The Dark Tower and The Green Mile) and esoteric topics (such as substance abuse) and musically similar to bands like Death or late-period Carcass, Pieces of Mankind showed that the band could have what it takes to become a new big name in the Greek metal scene along with bands like Rotting Christ, Nightfall, Septic Flesh and Necromantia.
1. Lost (Intro)
2. While The End Is Coming
3. Reappearing Freedom
4. Our Shadows
5. Frozen Heart
6. My Destination
7. Liquid Heaven
8. Realising
9. A/I
10. The Mirror On The Top of The World
Pass: Malkavian

SLAUGHTER LORD - Thrash 'till Death '86-'87 (1998)

Country: Australia (Sydney)
Genre: Thrash SLAUGHTER LORD was a four piece outfit hailing from Sydney, Australia. The band was formed in May 1985 under the name of ONSLAUGHT, until the British Thrashers of the same name released their debut album. The band then decided to change the name to DEVASTATOR, but the members all agreed that a more original and better suited name was in order. After weeks of thought the name SLAUGHTER LORD was felt to be the most appropriate title for the band. The band began their quest to place Australia on the map of the Thrash Metal world as five-piece outfit. Various line-up changes were in order to create the ultimate killing machine! The band then played a number of smaller gigs to develop their own brand of aggressive stage presentation. The first major public performance was supporting two already established Australian acts, on February 15th 1986. The manic crowd of over 1.000 bangers , who bled, sweated and went berserk through an hour of merciless thrashing, the first of its kind ever seen in Australia! Soon after this the original vocalist was replaced by another (Claws Mayhem!), thought to be better suited to the style of the band. But after only a few rehearsals and numerous musical disagreements, the original vocalist was asked to rejoin. But there was still more line up changes to come. Guitarist, Sandy Vahdanni left the band due to musical differences. He was replaced a month later by Anton Vazquez. After a few weeks later due to lack of dedication on behalf of the singer, the vocals were taken over by bass guitarist Tony Noel, thus creating the most desired combination, of total dedication and unity. Four members thinking and playing as one. In 1998, Hughes released the "Thrash 'til Death" CD, a compilation of demo tracks and other recorded releases from Slaughter LordThey're only ambition to kill.
1. Destructor 04:04 2. Slaughter Lord 05:00 3. Die By Power 03:36 4. Taste Of Blood 03:13 5. Legion 05:48 6. Slaughtered Corpse 03:33 7. Onslaught 04:12 8. Steel Lords Of War 06:58 9. Cryptic Terror 04:14 Total playing time 40:38
Pass: Malkavian

EXODUS - The Atrocity Exhibition..Exhibit A (2007)

Country: USA Genre: THRASH

Band Line-Up Rob Dukes (Vocals) Gary Holt (Guitars) Lee Altus (Guitars) Jack Gibson (Bass) Tom Hunting (Drums)
A Call to Arms - 1:33 Riot Act - 3:37 Funeral Hymn - 8:37 Children of a Worthless God - 8:24 As It Was, As It Soon Shall Be - 5:15 The Atrocity Exhibition - 10:31 Iconoclasm - 7:54 The Garden of Bleeding - 5:49 Bedlam 123 - 7:56
Download Part I-II:

Pass: Malkavian

REVEREND - Play God ! (1991) (Request)

Country: Seattle, USA
Genre: Power/Thrash
David Wayne - Vocals
Brian Korban - Guitar
Tommy Verdonck - Guitar
Angelo Espino - Bass
Jason Ian - Drums
1."Butcher of Baghdad" (3:56)
2."Heaven on Earth" (3:56)
3."Fortunate Son" (3:09)
4."Blessings" (4:16)
5."Promised Land" (3:02)
6."Play God" (3:56)
7."Warp the Mind" (3:18)
8."What You're Looking For" (4:20)
9."Blackened Thrive" (2:59)
10."Death of Me" (4:20)
11."Far Away" (2:19)
Password: Malkavian

WARFARE - Pure Filth (1984)

Country: England
Genre: Punk/Thrash

PAUL EVO (1984-1991) Drums & vocals
J.J. DUNN (1990-1991) Guitars
ZLAUGHTER (1986-1991) Bass
GUNNER (1984-1990) Guitars
FALKEN (1984-1985) Bass
LAZER (1990) Keyboards

This is the one of my fave albums... Real Old School !!!

In 1984 the singer-drummer Paul Evo, the guitarist Gunner and the bassist Falken decided to start a project called WARFARE . The sound of the group is often compared with a mix Motörhead, Tank, and particularly Venom, but in a more punk way. Signed by Neat Records, in the same year they produced their debut Pure filth , produced by Algy Ward from Tank with the presence of Mantas from Venom as guitarist on the track "Rose petals fall from her face". After the release of the EP Total death , in 1985 they produced one of their famous act: Metal anarchy, produced also by Lemmy and feature guitars part by Wurzel, both from Motörhead. After this album, bassist Falken was replaced by Zlaughter, for the publication of the new band's act called Mayhem, fuckin' mayhem in 1986, with Cronos from Venom as producer. In 1988 it's time for A conflict of hatred which introduced Lazer as keyboard player. The guests were Mantas from Venom, Marti Craggs of Lindisfarne and Irene Hume from Prelude. After the split with Neat Records, they joined with Film Music, and recorde in 1990 an album based on horror movies themes, named Hammer Horror album. 1992's Crescendo of reflexions released by Kraze Records, it's a re-working of some band's best known songs from their early albums, played by Evo, guitarist J.J. (actually Mantas) of Venom, and bassist Zlaughter. In 1993 and in 2002 were poublished two "best of" compilations.

01. Warning
02. Total Armageddon
03. This Machine Kills
04. Let The Show Go On
05. Breakout
06. Burn The Kings Road
07. New Age Of Total Warfare
08. Collision / Rabid Metal
09. Dance Of The Dead
10. Limit Crescendo
11. Rose Petals Fall From Her Face

Password: Malkavian

DESTRUCTION - Thrash Anthems[Advance] (2007) [REQUEST]

Country: GERMANY
Genre : Thrash/Death
Bestial Invasion 04:38
Profanity 05:56
Release from Agony 04:36
Mad Butcher 03:45
Reject Emotions 05:52
Death Trap 04:52
Cracked Brain 03:46
Life Without Sense 06:22
Total Desaster 03:26
Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll) 05:11
Invincible Force 03:44
Sign of Fear 06:36
Tormentor 03:55
Unconscious Ruins 04:17
Curse the Gods 05:16
Download Part 1-2:
Password: Malkavian

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Nocturnal (18 September 2007)

Country: Michigan/USA Genre: Melodic Death/Metalcore

01. Everything Went Black
02. What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
03. Virally Yours
04. I Worship Only What You Bleed
05. Nocturnal
06. Deathmask Divine
07. Of Darkness Spawned
08. Climactic Degradation
09. To A Breathless Oblivion
10. Warborn

Pass: Malkavian

OVERKILL - Immortalis (2007)

Country: USA Genre: THRASH 01. Devils in the Mist 02. What it Takes 03. Skull and Bones (feat. LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe) 04. Shadow of a Doubt 05. Hellish Pride 06. Walk through Fire 07. Head On 08. Charlie Get Your Gun 09. Hell Is 10. Overkill V
Pass: Malkavian

SODOM - The Final Sign Of Evil (2007)

Country: Germany
Genre: Thrash/Black

01. The Sin Of Sodom (5:41)
02. Blasphemer (3:20)
03. Bloody Corpse (3:56)
04. Witching Metal (3:38)
05. Sons Of Hell (4:22)
06. Burst Command 'til War (2:29)
07. Where Angels Die (4:47)
08. Sepulchral Voice (4:36)
09. Hatred Of The Gods (3:14)
10. Ashes To Ashes (4:22)
11. Outbreak Of Evil (5:26)
12. Defloration (3:52)
320 Kbps
Pass: Malkavian

VENDETTA - Hate (2007)

Country: Germany Genre: Thrash/Power 1. Hannibal 2. Lying Society 3. Guerillas 4. Hate 5. Prepare Yourself For Hostility 6. Mother 7. Rise For Revolution 8. Dead People Are Cool 320 Kbps Download: Pass: Malkavian

EVIL DEAD - Annihilation Of Civilization (1989)

Country: LA/Cal/USA
Genre: Thrash/Hard Core
1.Fci The Awakening - (studio) 2.Annihilation Of Civilizat - (studio) 3.Living Good - (studio) 4.Future Shock - (studio) 5.Holy Trials - (studio) 6.Gone Shooting - (studio) 7.Parricide - (studio) 8.Unauthorized Exploitation - (studio) 9.Bohica - (studio)
+3 Bonus Tracks
320 Kbps
Pass: Malkavian

VENOM - Welcome to Hell (1981)

Country: UK
Genre: Black Metal
"Sons of Satan" - 3:38 "Welcome to Hell" - 3:15 "Schizoid" - 3:34 "Mayhem With Mercy" - 0:58 "Poison" - 4:33 "Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)" - 3:59 "Witching Hour" - 3:40 "One Thousand Days in Sodom" - 4:36 "Angel Dust" - 2:43 "In League With Satan" - 3:35 "Red Light Fever" - 5:14
Pass: Malkavian

ARBITRATER - Balance Of Power (1991)

Country: UK
Genre: Speed Thrash
2.The treaty
3.Evil emperor
5.Life line
6.Graveyard of fools
7.Time for destiny
8.Deadly assassin
"You can listen Great Sound and Riffs of Thrash!"
Password: Malkavian

DEKAPITATOR - The Storm Before the Calm (2007)

Country: USA
Genre: Speed/Thrash

1. The Storm Before the Calm
2. Toxic Sanctuary
3. Deathstrike Command
4. Run With the Pack
5. The Call to Combat
6. Eye of the Storm
7. Earthscorcher
8. Screams From the Holocaust
9. The Scourging
Album Released on 24 July 2007

Password: Malkavian

MEKONG DELTA - Lurking Fear (24 August 2007)

Country : Germany
Genre : Progressive Thrash
Formed in: 1987
01. Society In Dissolution
02. Purification
03. Immortal Hate (Accepting Prayers Of Supremacy)
04. Allegro Furioso (taken from "Five Fragments For Group & Orchestra")
05. Rules Of Corruption
06. Ratters (Among The Dead)
07. Moderato (taken from "Five Fragments For Group & Orchestra")
08. Defenders Of The Faith
09. Symphony Of Agony
10. Allegro (from "Symphony Nr. 10" by Dimitri Schostakowitsch)
"Album Release Date : 24 August 2007"
Password: Malkavian